call it what you want.




i'm a teeny bit obsessed with makeup.

walking into sephora makes me all tingly inside. the black and white sephora logo signals my brain to release endorphins.

i'm totally not kidding.

what's not to love?

an entire store dedicated to making you feel pretty.

i like feeling pretty.

don't you?

here are my top five favorite brands {in no particular order}:

Bare Essentials
MAC {not sold in sephora}

and my must-have products + shades:

moisturizer + SPF :: cetaphil SPF 50 lotion {SPF is a must for me everyday since i use retin A micro at night which makes my skin ultra sun-sensitive...plus the anti aging benefit of daily sun protection is really a no brainer}.

primer :: smashbox photo finish. i'm a huge fan of primers. i don't know about you, but i like my makeup to stay where i put it until i take it off at night.

eye shadow primer :: urban decay makes the best one on the market. your eyeshadow will glide on and stay on all day....no creasing and no fading. really, i promise!

under eye concealer/brightener :: benefit erase paste. love this. it not only conceals under eye darkness, but it brightens too...you'll look well rested even if you're not. need i say more?

foundation :: bare essentials bare mineral foundation. hands down my all time favorite. it simply makes your skin look amazing without feeling like you're wearing a thing. the stuff's magic i tell you.

translucent powder :: MAC pressed blot powder. if you tend to get shiny like i do, this stuff is amazing. i  use it to set my foundation/concealer prior to applying any other makeup. the best part? it's not a regular powder which can cake and look chalky, its only purpose is to absorb excess oil and help keep your makeup in place without adding another layer.

now that your canvas is prepped, primed and ready to go....it's time to create a masterpiece!


pencil :: prestige eye pencil in black, granite and charcoal brown. these are every bit as good as the more expensive brands. i love the way they blend and last.

shadow :: stila eye shadow in kitten and MAC eye shadow in all that glitters are my go to shades for everyday.
MAC eye shadow in nylon is my choice for a highlight shade.
MAC eye shadow in trax, tempting, nocturnelle + sable are my faves for adding more depth and color.

mascara :: maybelline full + soft in very black.


cream blush :: stila convertible color in lillium. i usually wear cream blush in the colder months and powder when it's warmer.

powder blush :: NARS orgasm - this peachy pink color honestly works on everyone. so pretty.


lipstick :: MAC lipstick in faux with a nude gloss for day. mystic or dubonnet for night.

gloss :: smashbox lip gloss in luster and aura are just two of my many favorites. anyone who's seen my extensive collection of glosses knows this is my biggest weakness. i'm fairly certain there is isn't a gloss on the market i haven't tried. scary, i know.

i guess you could say makeup is my thing.

what's your thing?


These Are The Days said...

Lip gloss, Roxy hoodies and Old Navy $2.50 flip flops. :)

Natalie said...

Yeah, I've begun to realize recently that the time has come for me to take skin care and make up more seriously. I haven't acted on this knowledge yet, but I appreciate all the recommendations.

The Venutis said...

You are seriously an expert...I know nothing about make-up, but I do like bare escentuals foundation. I might just have to look into this now that I'm officially an old lady! :)

Chelsa said...

Umm yeah. Can I get a makeover when I move there?

Chanda said...

so randomly, yesterday, i was hustling through JC Penney (my angel had to potty at a most inconvenient time/place at the mall), and i noticed that JC's has a Sephora vending machine! how cool is that?!?! like a Redbox but for makeup...genius!!

Jill said...

My thing is purses.

I only wear mascara (and eyeliner if I'm feeling frisky) and chapstick.. Your list totally freaked me out!

I'd probably wear more makeup if I knew how to put it on...

Elise said...

you know it's shoes. but accessories and purses are a close second.

big fan of cetaphil wash and moisturizer and facewash.
i'm going to have to try the primers and bare essentials...
who doesn't love mac eyeshadow?
or b&bw mint gloss?

you have one of the prettiest faces around... thanks for sharing your tips. i'll be using them : D

Amanda said...

Not sure how I came across your blog...but have been following for awhile. La-ove your makeup list...I have many of the same favorites.
Sephora=empty bank account.
(but so fun to walk out with that fun little black bag of goodness)

my thing...jeans

Miss Webb & Mr. Hashimoto said...

Jill, you always have the best blog posts!! I love reading them! I too love make-up... especially MAC its ridiculous how much I have. I probably have about couple thousand dollars worth...oh how I wish I could have all that money back! But I love reading about other people's favorite kinds of make-up so thank you!

Ashlee said...

sephora should thank you.
i jumped here from comments you left on stephmodo and I went shopping on your tips.
I can't wait for my package to arrive!
Thank you!

steff said...

Like Ashlee, I jumped over here from stephmodo and checked out your links. You sound like a pro! I can't wait for sephora to open in Salt Lake. I am about 44, wait! who am I kidding-I AM 44 yrs.) so it sounds like cream foundation is better for us old timers. I'm wondering about eyes- do you use kitten over the entire eyelid with all that glitters in the creases? I want to try this look.

Jill said...

hi ashlee & steff!

so glad you found my makeup obsession helpful :)

ashlee: so, i'm curious...what did you end up ordering?

steff: kitten and all that glitters are very similar to each other. they're both subtle, sparkly champagne colors that are nice for daytime. for a slightly deeper shade to use in the crease, i would recommend sable from MAC. it works on all eye colors and can easily be layered for a more dramatic evening look.

as for foundation, are you oily, dry or combination?
i swear by bare minerals...it's amazing. even though it's technically a powder {which i normally wouldn't recommend for drier skin} it just makes your skin glow without looking heavy or made up.

GOOD LUCK to you both and thanks for stopping by! :)

marta said...

oooh la la, this post is right up my alley. so happy to find you here. you are darling and so talented too. am about to browse about!

tharker said...

Oooh, I love your list, Jill! Our Sephora opened almost a year ago, and I have yet to visit that lovely counter...I know! Mostly because I know I can get myself into some serious trouble if I spend too much time there ;)

I think I need to experiment with cream blush. Thanks so much for the recommendations!