three days of school.

that's all.
after that, it's summertime.

many moons ago, the thought of summertime made me happy.

back when my biggest decisions consisted of:
which size zero bikini to wear to the pool,
sunscreen or baby oil 
{a note to my younger self, sunblock would have been the wiser choice},
whether to buy cool ranch doritos or crumb donuts to go with my 32 ounce dr. pepper,
bob marley or salt-n-pepa.

decisions, decisions.

what's a single, childless gal with disposable income to do?

yeah, i feel real bad for her right about now.
if she only knew what her future would hold.

press skip a few times on the DVD of my life and here we are.

living in a place that's nine thousand degrees during the summer months
with three tiny humans who are going to expect greatness in the entertainment department
and who, if let down, will act out with great vengeance against me and against each other.

how am i going to survive?

full body armor, a cocktail and nanny mcphee are a couple of options i've considered.
any other suggestions?

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These Are The Days said...

Sorry...still trying to get over the size zero! :) I think you nailed it.

As for now, just take it one day at a time and don't forget to take time for yourself...call a sitter at least once a week & go shopping or get a pedi. Also, nap/quiet time is a must!! That's how I do it.

Or if you're really weak like I was when Sophia was born, hire an au pair for the summer. :)

Kalli Ko said...

I was a size zero once too, in the 2nd grade.

Um, this sort of thing gives me anxiety. I'm with your friend, if you have the means hire a teenage girl to come a few days a week for 3 or 4 hours to take the kids to the pool/rec center or whatever. You don't have to pay them tons and you get a break. WIN WIN!

Also, every year my sister in law has her kids make a huge list of activities and they write it out on a sheet of butcher paper or something and hang it in their kitchen. Every week they pick something special and do it, then cross it off the list. Stuff like museums, parks, movies, swim dates, sno-cones, etc.

Amy said...


first of all, I am pretty sure you are still a size zero. even after three babies. second of all. . . you need a nanny. if i weren't married and madly in love. I would come live with you this summer and help you with your little ones! I would LOVE some hundred degree weather!

love and miss you guys.

Ally + Blake said...

I think you summed up my feelings for the upcoming few months to a tee... Except the size zero...Oh and I was a Sprite Gal, but still... :)

Diane N. said...

Wow, great suggestions! I agree with the 'hire a sitter' posts...wish I'd done that more when I was raising you! Just like the oxygen masks on a plane...put your own on first or you won't have anything left to give!
p.s. Grandma Diane will come to SG for some summer fun ( and a break for you!) xoxo

natalie said...

Firstly, a size zero and Doritos and donuts?! *sigh*

I handle summer time by assuming the fetal position in the corner and drooling into a cup. I have yet to find a better way to cope.

Chanda said...

aaahhh, things were easier in '93, weren't they?!

i feel your summertime pain...i'm wondering how to tolerate my motley crue + conf calls one after another M-F...lots of sangria and ear plugs, maybe?

Roberts Fam said...

I totally FEEL you Jill. You said it perfectly. Maybe we should escape for a night somewhere
A N Y W H E R E!!

Steph said...

i. hear. you.

lets do a kid swap. i'm serious.

lets also start listening to salt 'n peppa again. ah. push it. p-push it real good. oh and Dear Summer, you better make it fast or else i'm gonna get pissed. Now push it.


Hannah said...

I LOVED that video! Poor little sleepy guy! hehe.

I had no idea you were in STG! I will definitely look you up the next time we are down there. I'm always up for a cupcake. ;)

tharker said...

Have you seen "Something Borrowed"? If not, you must look up the dance that the girls in the movie do to Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It". SO funny! It will take you back to your high school days in a flash! (at least it did for me ;)

It's so funny. Summertime definitely holds a different meaning now that I have children. Days at the pool are no longer lazy. They are insanely stressful while trying to make sure everyone is lathered up with ample amounts of sunscreen, and ensuring that no one drowns. Stressful!!

Last summer we did less in the entertaining department and I was nervous that my kids would spotaneously combust. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they all got along with less to do and more free time. We'll see how this summer plays out...