Bag Tagged


The Rules

1. You have to show your bag
2. Show all the contents in the bag, no cleaning it out!
3. Bag tag 5 more people

Okay, I had the fancy diaper bag when I had Sydney (first baby syndrome...I'll admit, I thought I had to have the best of everything). But that was then, and this is now. So, this is my super fancy Old Navy bag that set me back a whopping $6.99 :)

The contents: one diaper, a burp cloth, some of those freebie wipes they give you in the hospital goodie bags, the lid to a bottle, some toy keys, a teething ring and an insanely large assortment of lip gloss (I am past the denial stage...I can admit I have a serious problem buying lip gloss...I'm getting help). Let's see what else, a cute little binky my sis gave me that says "mute button" - how funny is that? Actually, not all that funny since Mitchell just gags on it. And finally....a lonely bag of fruit smiles that have been in there for months. As many of you know my sweet Sydney isn't all that fond of eating...(at all) so the fruit snacks aren't so much in high demand. There you have it, pretty exciting right?!

What's in your bag?

1. Kelley
2. Heidi N.
3. Natalie

4. Heidi V.
5. Chelsa


The DeMarcus Family said...

Jill! I have the same addiction to lipgloss. I seriously have maybe 30..of the same shade! LOL

Elise said...

Jillski. Remember when your car was stolen and so was your purse and they found your purse with all of your makeup still in tact.... I remember that.