A conversation with "The Princess"

Like most little girls, Sydney has full-blown princess fever. Everyday she gets all gussied up in her princess gear. Lately, I've been noticing that when she's dressed up she refers to herself in the third person as "The Princess." She'll say to me, "Mom, the princess needs a drink of water from a zippy cup" if she wants a drink. Yesterday I shut my eyes for a quick power nap since Mitchell was down too (which is something I never do, keep reading and you'll see why).

When I awoke 10 minutes later, I found Sydney sitting on the floor of the living room surrounded by every stuffed animal she owns and with a total guilty look on her face. Upon closer inspection, in addition to all her stuffed animals, she had a pair of scissors. I know what you're thinking....this can't end well! Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Sydney, where did you find those scissors?
Syd: No mom, I'm not Sydney, I'm THE PRINCESS...
Me: Okay Princess, where did you find those scissors?
The Princess: Oh, in the closet. (seriously, they were SO out of reach...she must have climbed up on a chair to reach them)
Me: Really, so what are you doing with them?
The Princess: Just cutting the tags off all my friends so they can feel better (she had a pile of tags from each of her stuffed animals on the floor in front of her)
Me (trying to stay calm and hoping that was ALL she cut): How come The Princess did that?
The Princess: Because they were sick and now they can feel better without their tags.
Me: Wow, that's really nice of you to help them feel better!
The Princess: Yeah, because I'm a Princess AND a doctor.

Seriously, I love that girl...never a dull moment with her around!


Steph said...

That picture is SO AWESOME!! I love it!! What a funny story...she is such a little sweetheart...Love ya buddy

The Leishman Family said...

That is so cute. I love the picture!

Heather said...

That's too funny! That picture doesn't even look like her!

Heather said...
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Roberts Fam said...

She and Taylor are so much alike! Only Taylor cutt her hair a few months ago! I am glad Syd didnt do that!

The Venutis said...

Too Cute! Thank goodness that is all she cut.

Heidi said...

So cute! Uncle Judd said she looks like a funny secretary! Pretty Silly!