I’ll take the “terrible twos” anyday…

In comparison to my "spirited" (to put it nicely) three-year-old, I'd go back to having a "terrible two-year-old" anyday. We were up north last weekend staying with my parents and they witnessed the insanity first-hand. They sent me this comic strip and I swear this really is what it's like with her on a daily basis.
I know, I know...this too shall pass. But, for now I’m just taking it one day at a time. Honestly, she tests me on everything from the moment she wakes up until I tuck her in at night. Thank goodness number two was a boy...much less drama with that one. Truly, more than one girl would just do me in.
Any tips on dealing with a difficult, stubborn, non-eating, three-year-old drama queen???

p.s. I really do love her (in case this post makes it sound like I don't)!


Roberts Fam said...

Jill I always see Syd and she is so perfect... I just cant picture her difficult at all! But sounds like she and Tay are two pees in a pod! I PROMISE it gets easier you will love pre-school and I think you do a fabulous job with her! In the mean time call me she can come play princess with Tay and they can go off in there own world!!!

Natalie said...

That comic is hillarious! I prefer age 3 over age 2, so I can't help you there, but I am sure you will get through it! Your page is darling by the way!

Chelsa said...

Sad I couldn't see your cute kids the day you left. It wasn't exactly the best "Park" day! Love the comic.
Maybe we'll head to St. George soon so we can catch up! Love ya,


Kehl Family said...

Baaaahhhh! Oh poor little sissy. Give her a big squeeze from her Auntie Kel.