special meaning.

the fourth of july is special to me for two reasons: 

first: i'm proud to be an american and i love to celebrate the wonderful freedoms i enjoy as a citizen of this great nation. 

second: it's the day i realized that i was in love with my very best friend of five+ years! marc and i have a very unique history. we met over eleven years ago and were just friends up until the fourth of july, 2002. that was the day we held hands for the very first time and i felt some serious butterflies! it was all about timing and it was finally right! and as they say...the rest is history!

i found this first photo when we moved last month. it was taken on 7.4.02 and the second one was taken exactly six years later...kinda sweet right? 


Brooke said...

Hi Jill,
Its Brooke Whipple! I haven't seen or talked to you 4ever!!! I found your blog through Stephs. It's soooo cute. Where did you move to? I wan't to add you blog to my friend list, is that ok? Email me and let me know whipplemb@yahoo.com
Oh by the way I love the pictures!!! There is nothing better to me than finding old pics of Jesse and I from years ago. TOO GREAT! Brooke P.S. My blog is
luvmylittlegirls.blogspot.com check it out!

The DeMarcus Family said...

SOOOO sweet and cute you two are!

lynette said...

hey, have you checked the nicole marshall photography blog in a while? where'd everything go?

ALI said...

Do you remember the 4th of July 2001? "You just stepped on that ladies shoes!" Reply: "I don't cawre" Ha Ha Ha!!!