soccer mom.

i guess it's official. i'm a soccer mom. 

i drove my very first carpool today. gymnastics and preschool. 

i always post about how my kids seem to be growing up so fast. but how did i get here? in my head, i'm still 20 years old. 

reality check...i'm actually 32 with two kids, a mortgage, two car payments and rapidly developing crows-feet!!! whaa?

to quote the nationwide car insurance commercial..."life comes at you fast" :)


lynette said...

seriously! I definitely have moments when I think, "Who are the kids and why are they calling me mom?" On the inside I still feel like I'm 18. I only wish that I looked 18 on the outside!

Diane N. said...

Tee-hee! Weird, eh? I really know how you feel...but how do you think it feels to be the MOM of that
32-year old soccer mom??? :)
xoxox Mom

Steph said...

like i said...next you will have an honor roll bumper sticker on your car! :)

jeny said...

age has been kind to you, my dear. you look wonderful!!

Angee and Jayden Leishman said...

Oh I SOOO hear your pain!

Roberts Fam said...

Seriously! I went to my parent house this wknd, it was my little brothers birthday he turned 23, I was like WAIT IM 23 ARENT I????