super powers.

kids. you gotta love the things they come up with.

tonight, as i was helping syd put on her jammies, she started the following conversation with me:

syd: mom, i don't have any super powers.
me: that's right sweetie.
syd: well, i'm gonna need super powers to be word girl for halloween.
me: how are you going to get them?
syd: just go buy some at costco, okay mom. 

one question....can you buy just one super power at costco?

or do you have to buy them by the case? 


Steph said...

BBBAAAAAHHHHHH!! That is so cute and so funny!!!!! I love each and ever chapter of "conversations with Syd". Keep em coming. That little girl is always thinkin! :)

The DeMarcus Family said...

Yeah Jill, go by me some while you are at it! I am in desperate need of a few :)
VERY cute!

Jessica said...

I think they come by the case. She is a hoot!