word girl.

saves the world from evil with her outstanding vocabulary!

sydney can't get enough. 

she jumps from couch to couch and off the coffee table pretending to fly like her super-hero idol. 

it'll be a miracle if her halloween costume makes it to halloween with all the wear and tear it's already seen. 

even the darling neighbor boys are completely enthralled (see, that's word girl's power rubbing off on me)! they come over at least once a day, ring the doorbell and ask if sydney can wear her costume.

it makes me laugh.

i asked her tonight what she loves so much about word girl. without missing a beat she replied: i like her flippy hair. i like her brown face. and i love her red boots. she's real cool mom.


The DeMarcus Family said...

I ope it is not my boys ringing your door bell! ack!
Anyway, she is so darling in the costume and my boys now ask to watch Word girl ( which I had never heard of!)

Roberts Fam said...



She looks adorable!!

Jen said...

I have never heard of word girl that is hilarioius! How cute

Val said...

So cute! Love the costume! I only know this show from Gavin finding it on PBS kids.org...I'll have to show him this and I'm sure he'll have a crush on Sydney!