don't be fooled.

by this angelic little face.

this is the same child who disobeyed the "no playing outside on sunday" rule today and tore a hole in her new, never been worn {adorable} grey tights.


scuffed the toes on her brand new black patent leather "church" shoes.

and then

lied about how it happened once i discovered the damage.

i'm in for it when this one becomes a teenager. 


Steph said...

LOL. Sorry but that is too funny!

The DeMarcus Family said...

hee hee. She just loves being outside! Gavin got in trouble yesterday too.. he decided it would be fun to pee in my laundry basket.. then lied and said it was water. grrrrr

Brooke said...

Oh Jill,
Ha ha ha!!! She does have a sweet little face though! I have the same problem at my house x 3.... what the heck am I gonna do when my seven year old turns 13! Oh gosh.... it gives me a headache just thinkin about it... try the magic eraser. It worked on Jaylee's patient leather shoes once or twice!