yesterday in her sunbeam class, sydney was asked to draw a picture of what she is thankful for. 

this is what she came up with.

not mom.
not dad.
not plenty of food to eat.
not a warm house.

nah, she is most thankful for....wall-e and his friend. 

marc and i couldn't stop laughing.

while we're on the subject...i am thankful too. for so very much.

i am thankful for my health, my home and my happiness.
i am thankful my faith, my family and my friends.

i am thankful for the tiny hand prints that show up on my freshly cleaned stainless appliances. because i know one day they'll be gone and i'll miss them. 

i am thankful for everyday i get to spend being a wife and mother. certainly not the most glamorous job in the world...but no question the most rewarding and fulfilling job i've ever had.

what are you thankful for?


Val said...

That is too cute, Sydney! And I love your Thankful list, Jill. What a great Mama you are!

The Venutis said...

She is such a good little artist -- I love the things they think of. Hillarious.

The Lund's said...

Oh gosh Syd- I am thankful for Walle and his friend Eve too. It gives me an hour and a half of peace and quiet while my kids eyes are glued to the movie.