captain destructo.

mitchell has been out to destroy everything in his path lately.

here's the casualty list from this past week alone.

my blender.
sydney's carefully crafted countdown-to-christmas paper chain.
a ceramic mug.
two more ornaments.
an entire roll of wrapping paper.
sydney's watermelon flavored princess toothpaste {tossed in the toilet}
my thumb {he bit me...hard}
a mickey mouse christmas dvd {crawled all around the house with it face down on the floor}


why are boys programmed to destroy?

i've never seen anything like it. they are capable of creating catastrophic damage in mere seconds. 

correction, split seconds.



Natalie said...

gotta love it!

The DeMarcus Family said...

yep, and it dosen't end. It is never ending. Like Nat said , gotta love it, or you might have a nervous breakdown! :)

Brooke said...

Oh but doesn't his cuteness make up for it???? I say just tape clown hand buzzers to his hands.... that way you can run and see what he's touching the second they go off! Although this could possibly be a choking hazard...and a major workout.... hmmm, I will have to ponder on my creative invention and get back to you! He He "0)

Jessica said...

They don't grow out of 'search and destroy mode' until they're about
4! Good luck with him, at least he has the cutest little face.

Val said...

I love the list! Yes, boys are a stick of dynamite, I swear. Good thing they are so cute, huh?

Kerrian said...

HI Jill ~ that all sounds SO familiar!!! Both my kids are that way, still waiting for Hudson to grow out of the "destroy" phase!!! Sounds like my Brooklyn and Mitchell would have a blast together and be side by side in leaving their marks :) I have to take a deep breath when ever it is quiet at my house :) Hope your having a wonderful holiday!