cheap thrills.

i've always considered myself a very frugal shopper. 

however...i'll admit it, i've been slow to jump on the coupon bandwagon. 

it always seemed like so much extra time and effort. 

however, i can honestly say that i'm a convert after my trip to albertsons this morning.

i purchased $63.00 worth of groceries for only $15!  

not bad for a coupon rookie...wouldn't you agree?


Jessica said...

WOO HOO Jill! Love saving money. I'll admit though, it's a lot of time and effort. My newspaper that I ordered for that very reason sits in my driveway for the 8th day in a row. I noticed they didn't even bother delivering yesterdays. :) I'm such a lazy but!

lynette said...

wowzas! i wish they had coupons in singapore! when a pound of ground beef is $17, i could use the extra help!

The Venutis said...

Me too...I resisted for a long time, but it is definitely worth it : )

Heidi and Judd said...

I'm so proud of you! We love coupons too!

The DeMarcus Family said...

YAY! You got on board :)

BTW, Beautiful pics from your trip. Just looks so heavenly.