how does the daughter of someone who loves clothes oh so much end up wanting to wear this? 

every. single. day.

two sizes too small.

nearly transparent from being washed so many times.

never intended to be worn together. 

i begged her to at least not wear the headband by telling her it didn't match and she responded by pointing out a brown stain on her shirt and saying, "see, it matches this spot right here!"

of course it does.


The Webb Family said...

Oh, that makes me laugh!! To kids, everything matches and looks great no matter what we say or think. Glad I'm not the only mother who deals with this. Sid is darling anyway!!

Brooke said...

This is so true for my life with Elsa too! I have learned to pick my battles ~if we are not going anywhere of importance then she can where whatever she wants... saves for alot of tears & I'm not talking about Elsa's! LOL Good luck

Roberts Fam said...

Tay has the same love for a skirt...I finally got rid of it! So funny!

jeny said...

pick your battles, Jill....pick your battles. ;)

Diane N. said...

She's a doll....such an individual! Where's she get that????
xoxoxo Mom

ALI said...

I love it!

Heidi and Judd said...

So funny! Love that cute little girl!