we spent last weekend up north visiting family and friends. our extended family planned a group photo since we were in town. so, sunday night we {all 44 of us} gathered in my parents' beautiful backyard. we don't get a chance to see everyone in one place very often so we had a great time chatting and catching up. everyone looked great and came ready for a photo shoot. 

that is everyone but mitchell. 

it was ugly. screaming. arching. tears. snot...the whole package. 


how do fourty-three people {including several young children} manage to happily pose for a family photo...while my one child causes a scene that will go down in history {literally, since we have photographic proof of the incident}. 

i guess all bets are off when you're dealing with a 21 month old boy who didn't nap, eat or want to stop playing with the trucks in the playroom, put on dress clothes and pose for a family photo. 


Diane N. said...

Good thing he's so darn cute! Everyone will forgive him :)

Steph said...

shoot! that stinks!