the meanest mom.

while in the midst of one of her infamous i-haven't-eaten-anything-all-day tantrums, sydney issued the following threat...

syd {screaming}: i'm gonna runaway to the mountains!
me {calmly}: really? why?
syd {still screaming}: cuz you are the meanest mom!
me {laughing under my breath and pointing to the door}: okay, good luck with that...there's the door.

needless to say she didn't find that one bit entertaining. 

and so the tantrum continued......sigh.


Brooke said...

ahhh hahahahahahahaha! Jill, I find you very entertaining! Little girls are so much fun when they scream, don't you agree? ;)

Natalie said...

glad to know there are other mean moms out there!

ALI said...

I am sorry Jill. Oh the patience you have.