how did you know?

dear son,

how did you know i needed a little extra love from you today?

you must have sensed my boredom with your not-so-charming behavior lately.

the screaming.
the whining.
the blatant disobedience.
the hitting.
the biting.
the laughing whenever we tell you "no"
the annoying back arching thing you do when i try to buckle your car seat.
and what is up with the not eating? dude. seriously.

you're not even terrible two yet {at least until the end of the month}.

so, throw me a bone would ya?

thankfully today when you woke up from your nap, i am certain you could tell i needed a little tlc.

so thank you for looking me right in the eye and sweetly saying "mama" before planting a juicy kiss right on my smacker. and it was an even nicer touch when you then laid your head tenderly on my shoulder and just stayed there quietly for a minute or two. what a sweet boy you are.

i'm sorry for letting your antics get to me. i need to remember that you are a toddler. and that you are a boy. naturally you want to test your boundaries.

and you do it well.

so the next time you huck a spoonful of mac-n-cheese at me and then laugh about it...i'll think of this day and that sweet moment we had.

and try to be more patient.




Diane N. said...

Cutest photo ever! Glad you got some sugar from your little man....

roene said...

How naughty but so very cute!

Brooke said...

Atta boy Mitch! What a cute post..thanks for the smile.

ALI said...

Thanks for making me smile. I have those days everyday....I wish the sweet moments stuck out more than the bad ones.

Heidi and Judd said...

Oh our cute Mitch, such a sweet boy! I love those moments to bad they are few and far between!

Bryson and Miranda Strong said...

That is the most adorable photo of Mitch. Such a handsome littleman you have.