m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e.

we're taking the youngsters to disneyland for the very first time in just two days!

and i don't know who's more excited...

so my question to all you seasoned disneyland pros:

what tips do you have for making the most of two days at the park?

how 'bout your top three "must-do's"

and your top three "don't do's"


koodeker said...

disney fast pass is what it's all about. you go to a ride, get a fast pass while they "hold" your plc in line meanwhile you can go to another ride. whatever you do go to california adventure, the new park across from disney. soarin' is the BEST ride ever! i rode it 3 times last time we went. have fun. this is the best time to go bc of halloween decor!

Natalie said...

Oh Jill, you are going to have so much fun. I have never been to Disneyland in the fall, but have heard it is the best time to go.
I agree with the above post, soarin over California is my favorite ride along with the roller coaster which are both in California Adventure.
Have fun!!

Steph said...

so excited for you. and super jealous!!!

do's: buy a little autograph book in the gift shop there, and bring your own black sharpie, cuz the pen that comes with it is hard to read.

Then get autographs from the caracters when you see them around the park. Make sure you take a picture with them too, and the autograph book has slots for pictures next to the signature. My boys keep the book on their bookshelf still and they love looking at it.

We really liked the character breakfast we did there.

Don't: forget to pack in your own snacks and water...the food is expensive and not that great in the park.

don't wear shoes that hurt your feet, cuz even if you wear your most comfy shoes your feet are still gonna ache when you finally hit the pillow at night.

don't forget a backpack leash for Mitchell... Grant was close to his age when we went and he would have gotten lost without the leash. Sure it seems a little mean, but its better than the panic, right?


Chanda said...

Tip 1: Fly JetBlue
Tip 3: Get fast passes for your fave rides first, because they can/do sell out before the days over.

jeny said...

There is also a thing called a "Stroller pass". If one of you stays with the kids/stroller, you can switch places as soon as the other gets off the ride. you just wait by the exit. Then you don't have to wait in line twice for the "big kid" rides. It works great!! Have fun!!!

Angee Leishman said...

Fast passes are a must
Go straight to the kids "Fantasyland" very first in the morning because the lines get busy fast. Especially Peter Pan & Dumbo and you want to ride those. Wear tennis shoes. Bring your own snacks & water. Must do Soarin over California & the new Toy Story ride in California! So fun!!!

kellbell said...

I bet you'll have the best time! So jealous! My kids were this age when we went. Make sure you Go back and nap in your room...makes the days go better.