my bad.

i got these beauties for my birthday and i thought they were absolutely perfect. they go with everything from dresses to jeans and the deep plum color.....so yummy!

i love everything about these shoes.

everything. except the part that they are a half size too small. arrrgh!

i wear a 6.5 and these are a size 6.

in the past i would typically go down a half size in nine west shoes, but apparently they've fixed that and their shoes are now true-to-size. wish i would have gotten that memo.

trust me, i've toyed with the idea of having my feet surgically shortened just so i could wear these shoes.

that's how much i love them!

i've finally come to the realization that they are going to make someone with size 6 feet much happier than they can make me and so i'm willing to let them go to a good home.


leave me a comment if you are.


Anonymous said...

I love those shoes! My feet are way too big. Boo. Isn't that quote great!? I didn't say it so steal away!

Kristen said...

Jill, Can't you exchange them for your size? They are cute maybe they would fit my size six feet? What do you want for them?

Jill said...

kristen: i'd love to exchange them but they are sold out in every size. :( i'll bring them over this afternoon for you to try on...

Petit Elefant said...

too bad i wear a 9.5 they are BOOTYFUL.

happy birthday.

what is it with us? sephora, nine west? caffeinated beverages?

Jill said...

allison: i KNOW....do you suppose we were separated at birth?

nice to know i'm in good company with my many vices!