giving thanks.

being a mother is hands-down the hardest job there is.
however, there's no other job i'd rather have.

the rewards far outweigh the challenges {most days}!

nothing ever truly worth having comes without sacrifice.

these incredible children of mine bring immeasurable joy to my life.

my dear sydney:

last week, she came into my room at 2:37 am to tell me she kept thinking about scary things and couldn't sleep. i offered to come and lie in bed with her for a while and talk about happy things to take her mind off the bad stuff. for a good half-hour we discussed rainbows, hot air balloons made out of bubble gum and various other silly happy things. after i was assured she would be okay, i kissed her good-night and as i was closing her door, she whispered, "mom, you're the bestest mom ever in the whole wide world...and i love you!"

a magical moment i have stored in my memory forever.

and my sweet little mitchell:

if there ever was a more mischeivious two year old...have mercy on his mother!

despite all the destruction he causes, i know it's just out of curiosity and really can't fault him {too much}!

but there's never been a little boy who loves his mother like this kid.

last week i was really sick and wasn't able to do much but lie on the couch and watch movies with my kids. occasionally, i'd attempt a teeny nap while they were engrossed in watching tinkerbell save the fall festival with her broken moon stone {i may have seen that show one too many times}...but as soon he noticed my eyes were closed, he would snuggle up right next to me and softly and lovingly whisper, "maaa-maaa." he could sense that i didn't feel well and wanted to comfort me any way he knew how.

they don't come any sweeter than that one. love him to bits!

and as for the husband.

well, they really don't come any better than the one i was lucky enough to get!

meeting him 12 1/2 years ago in our broadcast journalism class at the u of u was the best thing that ever happened to me.

we've been best friends ever since.
no one makes me laugh harder.
he inspires me to be my best self.
he treats me like his "dream girl"
{that's what he's always called me since the day we met}.
i still sometimes pinch myself that i got such a wonderful husband!

gosh, i could go on and on....i have such incredible parents, siblings, in-laws, friends and neighbors.

i am so blessed.

life is good.

and i am oh so grateful!

happy thanksgiving to you...

enjoy the time you get to spend with those you cherish the most!

and eat lots too!

you know i will :)


Diane N. said...

Sweetest ever!

NATALIE said...

Love it Jill, great post. You are such a happy upbeat person. I love the stories about your kids, so sweet, and you are a great mom. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill said...

Your kids are so cute!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Chanda said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your cute fam!!

Steph said...

*sniff* that was a beautiful post.

your love and emotion for your fam reached out and grabbed me....almost like a floating hand...BAAAAHHHHHHHH!

I love you SO much Jilly! Definately grateful for you,my dear


Jill said...

mama: thanks! can't wait to see you guys this wknd!

natalie: seriously so sweet of you to say, what a kind compliment!

jill: thank you, hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving as well!

chanz: enjoy eating too much and spending time with that beautiful family of yours!

steph: seriously, can't stop laughing! when will the stupid floating stop being funny? baaaahh! love you!