memories in the making.

best. trip. ever.

stuff we loved:

soarin' over california {my absolute favorite ride}
the haunted mansion {seriously so cool}
halloween fireworks show {insane...in a good way}

the smells of disneyland brought back happy childhood memories
haunted mansion
the live star wars show

the roller coaster
hugging goofy
her sequined minnie mouse ears

playhouse disney live on stage {you've never seen a kid so happy}
a bug's life 3D movie
the train ride

stuff that made us laugh:

six inch wedges at disneyland, really?
riding dumbo with ashlee simpson-wentz,
her family, her photographer and her personal bodyguard.
mullets. need i say more?
a $44 pizza.
an ill-fitting swiss maid costume a on rather large teenage girl.
the abundance of luxury cars, cosmetically enhanced women,
small dogs and coffee shops in newport beach.

stuff we learned:

there's a whole lotta nothin' to look at on the drive from vegas to anaheim.
the texaco gas station in baker, ca is apparently a huge gathering place for ex convicts.
gps on a road trip is the only way to go.
it's not a great idea to drink a rockstar energy drink on a long drive.
halloween is the best time to visit disneyland. light crowds + 75 degree weather = perfection!

stuff that made me happy:

watching my kids faces light up at disneyland...it really is magical.
finding the last three bags of candy corn in all of southern california
at 10pm on halloween night.
zero waiting in line thanks to my adorable nephew, tommy and his guest assistance card.
we lovingly nicknamed him "fast pass" during our trip.
hearing mitchell try to say "trick-or-treat" while actually saying "choo-choo tracks"
sydney with her best friend/cousin, carter + disneyland, the beach
and buckets of candy = heaven on earth.
playing at the beach on halloween day.
getting to stay here courtesy of my generous parents...love you m + d, you're the best!

you can view loads of pics here.


Heidi and Judd said...

Oh I'm so glad you guys had fun! I think we should make it a yearly thing with the family! Priceless meomories!

lynette said...

sounds like you guys had a fantastic trip! and aren't the marriot vacation clubs awesome?! that's where we stayed in thailand. welcome back!

p.s. i tried to see your pictures but it wouldn't let me...

jeny said...

looks like SO much fun. I've stayed at that same resort....it is SO nice!

Jill said...

heidi: yeah, i'm all for making this an annual tradition!

lynette: yes, the marriott vacation club was fabulous...oh, and thanks for letting me know about the pictures. i think it's working now!

jeny: isn't that resort amazing? such breathtaking ocean views! we loved it....all of it!

Natalie said...

Sounds like an amazing trip!