what goes around...

comes around.

to bite you in the butt.

and you just have to laugh.

between the husband and i, you've never met two bigger neat-freaks in all your life.

really. somedays it's a little much.

so will someone please explain to me how we created a complete and utter slob of a kid?

my daughter's bedroom looks like a landfill {on a good day}.

and she couldn't care less.

i decided a while ago that i would boycott cleaning it for her {so far, that's not working out so well}.

it's not my mess, i always tell her.

so, this morning i had to chuckle when i spilled some water on the dining table and politely asked sydney to wipe it up.

betcha can't guess what she said...

it's not my mess.



Anonymous said...

sassy lassy! Ha!

Julie said...

So funny! Yes, last name is Newton. Probably knew Curtis, right?

Jill said...

natalie: Sassy with a capital "S" is right!

julie: yes, curtis and i were good friends and brett was friends with my younger sis. gosh, small world, eh?

Juie said...

What is your maiden name?

Jill said...

juie: naylor

Juie said...

Okay so is Kelly your sister? My husband knows her. Man it is a small world!

Jill said...

yep, she's my little sis. what's your husband's name?
and yes, the world is a very small place {especially with blogs}!

These Are The Days said...

Ha Ha Ha...so funny!

Julie said...

Chris Burton.