kid tested, mother approved.

my kids eat typical kid food.

pizza, nuggets, fruit snacks.

i'm painfully aware of the unwanted extras that are in these over-processed foods.

and i've decided to take baby steps to improve their diets.

step one:

watch oprah's interview with jamie oliver.

step two:

get totally eeewed out that most frozen chicken nuggets have like twenty-two ingredients 
{when there should really be no more than three, tops: chicken, bread crumbs, seasoning}.

step three:

try mr. oliver's recipe for homemade chicken nuggets.

step four:

hear your child say, "mmm, are there more of these mom?"



try more of jamie's recipes here.


Kristi said...

eeeewwwww. Did you see the new show he is on? I will not eat processed nuggets again.

Jill said...

kristi: i set my dvr to record his new show...i hope it catches on. love what he's doing!

These Are The Days said...

My kids watched it to...we all loved it but were totally grossed out too. I'll have to pull out my Deceptivly Delicious cookbook again, I know it also has a recipe for nuggets.

Chanda said...

Love the Food Revolution! So important. I was dying when those elementary kids couldn't name basic vegetables...scary!!