photo of my great-great grandfather samuel roskelley

do you know where you come from?

genealogy is a fascinating thing.

and it's becoming more and more mainstream, popular even. 

thanks, in part, to the new nbc show who do you think you are.


who are your ancestors?

what are their stories?

do you know?

do you want to know?

if so, here's a great place to start.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for that show to start! I watched the preview of it on Oprah yesterday. My FIL has several of his lines traced back to Adam, and there is royalty everywhere as well as other major historical and biblical figures. It's so neat for my kids to see those names in their school books and scriptures and know they are related. Neil's mom's family has strong ties to the restoration of the church with geneology going waaaaay back, and if your name is spelled Hansen, you are related to us, baby!

Steph said...

cool. I love it. and I love indexing too :)