seven years ago.

april twenty-fourth was an exceptionally beautiful spring day.

high, thin clouds and a slight breeze.

the tulips were in full bloom.

and the colors...

oh, the colors were incredible.

i can still remember how it smelled outside as we posed for photos.

the day seemed like a dream.

i was there, i know i was, but my head was in the clouds.

i remember greeting family and friends who came to support us.

plenty of hugs, smiles and well wishes.

lots of faces that i love.

all the details that were fretted over so much in the days and weeks prior, 

suddenly seemed unimportant as i sat next to my soon to be husband.


that sounded so strange to me.

i felt like a little girl playing dress-up in a beautiful white gown.

a bit surreal that it was my wedding day.

everything was perfect.




i wouldn't have changed a thing.

especially the part about who i married.

i must say, 

i did good.



Elise said...

it was a beautiful day!!! loves to marky-mark too on your special anniversary. every year it just gets better : D

Diane N. said...

Happy Anniversary! It really was the perfect wedding day, wasn't it? So glad you two got together...you're a great team :)
xo Mom

Ally + Blake said...

Anniversaries are the BEST. Happy Anniversary!

Roberts Fam said...

Happy Anniversary guys! Love the picture

Julie said...

What a cute post! Happy Anniversary.

Chelsa said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe how fast time flies. I'm glad the two of you finally decided to tie the knot. Best friends make the best hubbies!

Steph said...

have a good one tommorow.... you guys are so cute. love the pic. love you

Blake & Anya Young said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding was beautiful. I remember you two love birds sitting across from each other and Marc scooting his chair closer and closer to you. It was so cute!

Chanda said...

cheers to 7 years!