i've been watching america the story of us on the history channel.

have you seen it?

you really should.

it's fascinating, educational and extremely well done. 

it's given me a renewed appreciation for those who have gone before us
and have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom.

we have no idea how good we have it.
and we have them to thank.

sure makes me proud to be an american.

especially today.



Anonymous said...

I have been watching those, and I LOVE THEM! My family has a very long history of serving in the military, and I have never needed reminding of how good I have it, but having lived in a communist/socialist country at a time when Americans seem to take for granted and even loathe this great nation made me love it even more. We are so blessed.

Natalie said...

Kev and I have been watching that series as well and love it. It really does make you proud to be an American to hear of all the great men and women who have paved the way. Humble as well, because we really don't have to work for much these days. Love the comment above as well. So true. Also love that picture=)

Silver Strands said...

Perfect Memorial Day post Jill. And I love your Sheri Dew quote. She's amazing, isn't she?!