wow, it's been a while since we've had an "incident" of this magnitude.

i suppose i've gotten a little lax in my supervision...
and for that, i am paying dearly.

this afternoon, i turned on a movie for the kids 
and got started on some much needed housework.

i didn't get much done.

little did i know that much, much more work 
was being created for me as i busily cleaned my master bathroom.

typically, i can rely on number one to {somewhat} keep an eye on number two.
or at least alert me when there's danger.
today, the alarm didn't sound until it was too late.

as you may have guessed from the image above,
today it was honey.

a toddler + a squeezy bottle of honey.

i've spent a full hour of following and cleaning up trails of honey.

in my attempt to recreate the crime scene,
i think he used a case of bottled water in the pantry
as a step-stool to reach the bottom shelf.
then, hoisted himself up on to the bottom shelf,
grabbed the honey and went to work.

so far, i've found honey in the pantry,
syd's room,
the kitchen,
two rugs,
my den,
the computer {the old p.o.s. PC not my iMac...phew!}
the desk,
two chairs,
paper shredder,
a lamp,
the carpet
and the couch.

go ahead.

ask me how much i like that kid right about now.



Diane N. said...

Yikes! Good thing he's so cute...

lynette said...

that's a nightmare! that's the kind of day that entitles you to a sitter and a fancy dinner, in my opinion.

Meeks said...

Ugh! My son took his "blankie" off the table and the glass jar with it...good times...good times! (what made it worse was there was NO newspaper in the house...I had to use an old cereal box!)

Nick and Paige said...

Oh my goodness! It is a good thing he is a cutie pie!

These Are The Days said...

My nieces boys just squeezed out an entire bottle of syrup. She got lucky though, he did it all in the bath tub. She facebooked the picture...so hilarious. Sorry you weren't so lucky. ;)

Ally + Blake said...

All I can say is, "O Bother!"

Ro said...

What to do on a bad day? Come over and swim.

Love ya,
Grandma Ro

Chanda said...

here's the good news...He is ADoRaBLe!
here's the bad news...Three is WAY worse than Two!

Brooke said...

I'm laughing out loud right now but inside I'm crying for you...promise. I think Forest Gump said it best about that box of chocolates. In this case, life is like a toddler with a squeezy bottle of honey.