buh-bye brain cells.

i'm getting so dumb, it's scary.

i'm honestly too embarrassed to tell you all the knot head things i did this week.

but, let's just say, things are going downhill in the brain power department.

after one particular incident, i was complaining to husband how troublesome it is to me
that i keep getting dumber with each pregnancy. 
and even he said, "i didn't want to say anything, but i've totally noticed."


the one positive i have going for me? 
i've known said husband since 1997, so he knows how smart i used to be.

and again, on the bright-side, at least i wasn't a dummy before i started having babies...
otherwise, we'd all be in big trouble!

so, if you run into me at the grocery store...start by reintroducing yourself.
tell me how i know you and if we are friends.
be sure to speak slowly and clearly.

and if you have to ask, "hey, do you remember me?"
{like someone did this weekend at syd's soccer game}

i'll do my best to pretend like i do.
but honestly? i have no idea.

please don't take it personally.

for pete's sake, i don't remember what i ate for breakfast.
where i parked my car.
or why i'm looking in the fridge again.

so, consider yourself warned...i'm a mess.


Brooke said...

This picture makes me smile because that is one of my most favorite movies of all time. Maybe it's my fave because it makes me feel..lets just say, NOT so dumb. I think you just have baby brain, but if that's not the case and for some reason when you see me next you don't remember me. Never fear, I will knock the memory back into you somehow. ;) You Make Me Laugh Jilly and I'm always up for a good laugh! ;)

Petit Elefant said...

I think it's a mom thing! I get dumber every year.

Diane N. said...

Wish I could tell you it gets better, but um, no. If it's not pregnancy, it's age. Fun! Maybe it's just that we are actually SO SMART and our brains are so full of knowledge that we don't have room for the the mundane things of everyday life. Yep, that's it!

Ro said...

Hey, you have all the brains in the world, I wish I were half as smart as you are on the computer!

You are one smart cookie and beautiful besides.

Love ya Jill,

Ro and Clayt

Roberts Fam said...

I hear ya I have to write everything down or I forget!!!!