i can't think of a better way to describe our time in ibigawa, japan.

truly, the trip of a lifetime.

certainly one we will never forget.

{more to come as soon as i figure out where i am and what time zone i'm in}!


Nori said...

Nice picture!
We will never forget,too.

Angee Leishman said...

Beautiful picture!

Steph said...

i am DYING to talk to you!! wanted to give you some space to get back to americaland.. haha but really, lets do lunch the first week in Dec. !!

The Venutis said...

Ooh...I can't wait to hear more. I would love to go to Japan. And what perfect timing, before baby 3 : )

Jennifer said...

What part of Japan?? I'm so jealous! I miss Tokyo and all my friends there! You'll have to fill me in on all your fun trip details. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Japan!

Jennifer said...

BTW -- my blog photo is from Japan, somewhere in the Japanese Alps with gorgeous rice fields behind me!