you know those blogs that post step-by-step tutorials on all the crafty-schmafty stuff they make?

this is not one of those blogs.

just wanted to put that out there before i proceed.

it's not often i explore my crafty side
{mostly because i'm not entirely sure that i have one}.
so, i hope you can all appreciate what a rare treat this is.

and so without further adieu...........

i am pleased to announce that today, i made a tooth pillow.


i actually held in my hand a needle and some thread.

go ahead, sit down, i can sense you're feeling faint.

mom, you especially.

you see, i was inspired my this cute little wiggly tooth,
in the cute little mouth
of my cute little girl.

i thought it needed a safe place to live until the tooth fairy comes
to take it to wherever it is the tooth fairy takes teeth ??
and in return, leaves a cash reward.
{btw...what is the going rate for a first tooth these days}?

and speaking of rewards...
the best one of all was the reaction i got when i surprised her with her special pillow.

love that gal.

she was worth every clumsy stitch.


These Are The Days said...

That's the cutest pillow! I love your witty words...too funny. Love ya Jill. Hope the next 7 weeks are good for you. Can't wait for the little bundle of joy pics. :)

Angee Leishman said...

We do a dollar.

Diane N. said...

I'm so proud! It's darling! See, you always had a latent crafty side :)
Can't believe our little gal is losing a tooth. Where did the time go...
Be sure to post a pic of our newly toothless sweetie!

Steph said...

Oh Jilly!! I am so proud of you! That pillow is AWESOME!!!!!

Nick Paige & Josh said...

WAHOO!!!! GO Jill!! I am so proud of you! :) I love the idea!