five little things.

buying these teeny weeny beanies at the old navy baby sale...
hmmm, i wonder which one i'll be keeping?

my incredible father in law celebrating his 90th birthday yesterday!
{he truly doesn't look or act a day over 70}
he's an amazing man and we love him so!

sydney: mom, i'm so glad you bought dad and dad bought you,
because i totally think you guys look good together.

mitchell {looking up out of the sunroof}: mom, i can't see the sky,
the clouds are in the way.

lots of family in town for the long weekend...

what little things made you happy this week?


Amy said...

Aaawww Jill--I love your following your blog---you are soooo cute and your family is just as cute!! I love the comment that your daughter made about how you and Daddy bought each other!! It is a great thing that you are keeping a record of these things that your kids say---as you know kids say "the darndest things" He he:) It sounds like things are great with you---btw---I am so jealous that you live close to where I grew up before moving to Sandy!!! St.George looks good on you!!!:)

Amy said...

Jill, your kids say the funniest things. we always say "lets just hug with our mouths" like Mitch said. I love reading about the funny things they say! and sydney seems like a little tiny teenager i just want to bring her to our house and talk to her for hours!