five little things {with a twist}.

typically, my five little things are just a simple account 
of the small, happy moments during my week that made me smile.

last sunday, during relief society, our incredibly inspired president challenged us
to a daily goal of five random acts of kindness.

there wasn't a single woman in that room 
who doesn't have her fair share of tasks to accomplish on any given day,
and so for a brief moment, you could actually hear them thinking...
oh great, one more thing....no wait, five more things!

but, relief and excitement came when she explained there would be no need
for baking dozens of cookies or writing piles of handwritten notes.

{just five simple acts of kindness}

a smile.
a sincere compliment.
a hug.
an encouraging word.
introduce yourself to someone new.
sit by a sister who is alone.
hold the door.
notice a new haircut.
ask, "how are you?" and actually listen to the answer.
a quick text message.
a kind email for no reason other than to say, "i'm thinking of you."

i really do believe that through the smallest, most simple things...
come the greatest rewards.

i'm grateful for the reminder...
and for the challenge to do more.


Bridget said...

What a great reminder. :)
And a great way to look for the good in the world too. I love it! :)

lynette said...

great reminder! i think i'll start my daily 5 by telling you that you're amazing!

oh, and i might have to steal this lesson idea for when i teach in may. :)

Diane N. said...

Amen, sista!