pleased to meet you.

miss ava came home to a warm welcome from her big brother and sister.

i just adore this photo of them holding her for the first time!

they have been so sweet with her and so far, not an ounce of jealousy from either of them.

nothing but love for the newbie.

nothing but love.


Diane N. said...

What a precious memory! They were SO excited to meet her that morning...they ran in the house squealing, "our baby is here, our baby is here!"

Hil said...

That picture is adorable! I love it when they are too little to fit into even the NEWBORN size clothes. :) So glad big brother and big sister are loving on the new little one. Congratulations once again!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweetness!! I totally had a let-down reflex at the sight of that beautiful squishy baby. :) How funny is that?!

Mr. and Mrs. Hashimoto said...

so so sweet. we are so glad you guys are doing well!!


lynette said...

so so so so so sweet! sibling love is the best!
but sibling rivalry is the worst. but let's just focus on the love part. yes, the love is wonderful! i'm so happy for you guys! :)