a first grader, a five month old and a boy with a plan.

in life, there really should be a pause button.

these happy little milestones seem to come and go far too quickly.

this morning started early.

thanks to a highly irritating cricket on steroids right outside my bedroom window,
my day began at 5:52 am.

which is fine, my alarm was set for 6 am anyway.

i hopped out of bed, laced up my running shoes and headed out for a nice six-miler.
i was expecting the house to still be quiet when i got home,
but i failed to factor in the back-to-school-excitement of my soon to be first grader.

she was awake and eating breakfast when i walked in.
she had that look on her face.
that look that i recognize so well.
she wears it often and i can always tell exactly what she's thinking.

that sweet little closed-mouth smile, those bright eyes wide with excitement
and those happy cheeks beaming with pride.

she can hardly wait to get this day started.

i fixed myself some breakfast and sat out on the back patio.
before i knew it, she came out to join me.
she was dressed, had combed her hair, brushed her teeth, made her bed and
was wearing her backpack.

it was 7:15.
school starts at 8:30.

i love it.

we took some photos in the backyard and tried to kill some time with small talk.
but by 8 am, she could take it no longer.

it was time.

i was happy we arrived as early as we did so we could walk around and find her
new classroom, talk with her teacher and find her desk.

i kissed her goodbye and wished her well on her happy new journey.

and so begins a new chapter...

bring it.

so far, life with these little ones has been all good.
i can't wait to see what the future holds.

and speaking of milestones, tiny is five months old today.
looking at her, it's impossible not to smile.

i dare you to try.

see, i told you so!

she is the happiest little soul.
and she lights up my world.

there's no way i can end this post without mention of my little love boy.

he is no dummy, that one.

the minute i walked in the door from dropping syd off at school,
he came running up to me with that charming, devilish smile of his
and said, "mom, let's play with stuff in syd's room!"
as if he'd been planning it for months.

well, you know what they say...

when the cat's away.


lynette said...

yes, i need that pause button too! so funny about mitchell! also, love how you slipped in that line about a LITTLE six-miler. GO YOU!!!

tharker said...

I loved this post so much, Jill. I could feel your daughter's excitement from your words. First days of school are the best!

And yes, you're right. There's no WAY I could look at your sweet babe's face and not smile. She is adorable!

Oh, your cute boy. Love that mischievous little plan ;)

Steph said...

Syd and Ava are so beautiful...and Mitchells got me laughing! Thats so funny!

Chanda said...