where the wild things are.

oh, hello.

it's been a while.

and i've missed you!

things have been a teeny bit wild around here.

to recap:

first, there was this.
{husband was amazing. finished the entire 206 miles in less than 11 hours...rockstar!}

then this happened :(
(we'll sure miss you, grandpa dave.}

and then this.
{once again, super husband led the charge and organized this unforgettable journey 
to commemorate 150 years since our pioneer ancestors founded this great community.
it was amazing. and so is he.}

tiny got a tooth and turned seven months old.
{i know, whaaa?}

and now, just like that, it's nearly halloween...

so far, we have a chubby baby monkey, a she-wolf and a fireman.
too fun.
i sure love my little wild things.

oh, and how could i forget?
i got a tiny new niece!
love her.

meet jolie olivia kehl...

she is positively scrumptious.
good job, sis.


Hil said...

What a busy time you have had!! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You kids are absolutely adorable. I can't believe your tiny is seven months old. Where does the time go?? No... seriously... if you figure it out let me know.