where am i and what year is it?

how long have i been out?

why am i surrounded by fun-size snickers bar wrappers?

last thing i remember was helping the kids sort through their loot...

and the rest is hazy.

a sugar coma.

it's the only logical explanation.

ah, halloween...

must you remind me, yet again, that my ability to resist those
seemingly innocent, fun-size morsels is, on a scale of 1 to 10...
a zero?

as if the nineteen pounds of candy corn i consumed wasn't enough.

gee, thanks.

well, here is what i do remember...

there were three adorable kids.
one was a wolf.
a really cute, handmade, felt, etsy wolf.

another was a fireman.
an ironic fireman.
one who's pants were a mile too short
{thus the boots}
and who tried not once, but twice, to start a fire while trick-or-treating.
a fireman who needed reminding that his job was
to extinguish fires, not cause them.
shoving a dry, brittle twig into a space heater would not make your fire captain proud.
not even for a second.

and then there was this irresistible little chunky monkey.
with a face you couldn't help but kiss.
with thighs you couldn't help but squish.

oh, and there was a husband.
a husband who, i seem to recall, got an immense amount of pleasure 
from scaring the crud out of the neighbor kids.

so, yes.
it seems as though i did indeed have a lovely, albeit sugar-coated holiday.

how was yours?


Hil said...

Jill, your kids are adorable! So glad you guys had an awesome Halloween. I'm suffering from the sugar headache right now and regretting every piece of candy I stuffed into my mouth yesterday.

Well, except for the chocolate ones.

I don't regret those.

lynette said...

very 'sweet' halloween indeed! we had a ghoulish-ly good time even though my pictures were a major FAIL (by the time i remembered to take pics, it was way too dark).

oh, and that must be the most stylish fox i ever did see!