me. pretending to be a model.

i know. funny stuff.

my adorable friend, kyong, owner of koo de ker clothing boutique,
asked if i would send her a photo of me wearing my new favorite wrap.

she has the most amazing stuff in her shop. 
so much so, that it can quickly become a problem. you know, for the pocketbook. 

if you're ever in salt lake city...look her up, fo sho.
also, she does ship items out of state.

santa, you listening?


Hil said...

Gorgeous! I love that wrap along with your entire outfit. You are too cute. Thanks for the link!

Heidi and Judd said...

Way cute outfit! I've always said you should be a model!

tharker said...

you. are. adorable.
(as is the super cute wrap!)