happy tuesday!

the very first one of twenty-twelve.

which means it's time to say goodbye staying up late,
cookies for breakfast
and jammies until noon.


i'm gonna miss that.

another thing i'm really gonna miss?
having husband around.

he took an entire, glorious week off work and spent all his time with us.
it was kind of amazing.

he took sydney on a date to the movies.
played with us at the park.
taught syd how to throw a frisbee.
kicked the soccer ball around with mitch.
took us hiking....
and just relaxed at home.

watching him light up as he plays with his children makes me happier than...

i love that man.

christmas was quiet, cozy and magical.

i don't know of anything that can top witnessing little faces 
peek around the corner to discover that santa has been there.

there is no greater gift.

i hope yours was equally magical!

okay, 2012...
show us whatcha got.


lynette said...

i know what you mean. ammon took a week off from work and it was oh-so-hard to see him off this morning. the kids go back to school tomorrw and it's back to our regularly scheduled program.

merry christmas to you, friend. and wishing you and your family all the best for 2012.

Steph said...

i sure love spending time in that living room. love you and so glad you had so much time with marc.

welcome 2012