it's good to B. in love.

i think by now you all are aware of my fondness for B. Toys.


i mean, what's not to love?

first off, the company is run by rockstars.
incredibly generous, ridiculously talented, outlandishly fun rockstars.

second, the toys they create are genius.
super genius.

they are works of art, really.
my design-oriented brain appreciates their beauty
almost as much as my play-oriented children appreciate their fun-ness.

{hey, fun-ness could and should be a word}.

so, what have we recently added to our growing family of B. Toys?

some special valentine edition wheeee-ls...

ava is a fan.
they are sweet, soft, little chunky vehicles that you just pull back, let gooooo...
and they're off! 

and because they are BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free...
she can taste them all she wants and i needn't worry about a thing!

and for the older two?
take it easel.

man, they are going to have to fight me for this one.

i'm already addicted to leaving them little notes on the chalkboard.
mitch is digging the white board and fantastic selection of colorful {and washable} markers.
syd loves that she can easily fold it down and tote it around.
and ava?

well, miss ava mostly likes to suck on the markers,
drop things into the center compartment
and crawl through like a tunnel.

oh, to be eleven months old...
the whole world is your playground.

we can't thank you enough, B. Toys,
for making our valentine's day one not to B. forgotten.

you rock!

p.s. don't forget to jump over to their website and use the quotemaker.
it's fast, free and a fabulous way to record the sweet little observations of your wee ones.


Clint, Brielle, Molly and Maggie said...

I LOVE B toys so so much we have quite a few!!! Mag got two for her birthday last week!!

Gisela Voss said...

Ava crawling THROUGH the easel is priceless!!

Jill, your eye for taking photos is extraordinary.
And your capacity to lace words together to make us all smile is heartwarming.

Thanks so very very much for all you share.