march is often referred to as a transitional month.

and just as winter transitioned to spring, on the twentieth day of march,
my husband made the transition into a new decade.

his forth fifth {thanks for pointing that out, mom}.

what the what?

i know, we're both still scratching our heads over here.

he was twenty-five when we met....

and now he's forty.





milestone birthdays call for memorable gifts, no?

gift one: a surprise overnight stay at the marriott | city center, sans children.
{thank you, mom and dad for making this one possible}.

we hadn't been downtown in such a long time,
we almost didn't recognize it.
with the incredible new city creek development and all,
it was a bit like discovering a new place.
but with old favorites...

red rock brewery.
the burger and steak fries.
pure heaven, i tell you.
man, i miss that place.
and why, oh why do they not have a location in st. george?
i mean, the name of the restaurant is RED ROCK for cryin' out loud.
seems like a no brainer to me.

then, we did a little birthday shopping.
he bought one pair of shoes.
aaaannnnd....i cleaned out the LOFT. 
i'm sorry, i know it was his birthday and all...
but, 50% off the sale price?
help me out, ladies...
would you pass that up?

after a little dip in the hot tub,
we got cleaned up and headed out to keys on main.
have you guys been there?
i haven't been that entertained in a long time.
i could have stayed there all night.
so. much. fun.

gift two: a gift card to red rock bicycle.
since that's where a hefty portion of our income goes anyway,
i figured the gift card might take some of the guilt out of his next purchase.
it was very much appreciated. ;)

gift three: easily my favorite one, 
and quite possibly one of my all time favorite gifts. 

"forty years of memories"

inspired by this pin.

i had less than five days to pull it off, 
but knew it would be a gift that he would never forget.

i secretly contacted family members and close friends and asked them to
share a favorite memory they have of marc.

the response was overwhelming,
and taught me three things
{which i pretty much already knew}...

one :: we are blessed with some really outstanding friends and family.

two :: they would do anything for marc.
and that means more than i can express with words.

three :: he did some seriously stupid things as a young adult.
{not that i have any room to talk}

his dear friend, chad, wrote some of the funniest stuff i think i've ever read.
we were cry/laughing for days over the hysterical memories he shared.

each memory got its own envelope,
and one by one was opened over dinner at the painted pony restaurant.

it was a memorable night, indeed.
now, for the next forty years of memories...

whew...we've got a lot to live up to!


Kristi said...

You are amazing. What a beautiful gift.
I wanna be you...yeah...i do mean it in a creepy sort of way. Do you offer classes on how to do everything well? I'm not kidding. You could really charge people. Life coach...you would rock at it. I could be your trial run. :)

Elise said...

love it jillski... and love you both too!