five little things.

01 :: that my rambunctious, yet surprisingly tender little boy picks a flower for me every day.

{and puts it in a very special tiny vase}

02 :: killing time in between carpools at target. 

{why yes, i do need some new nail polish.
and i am almost out of hairspray. 
those s'mores goldfish crackers look kinda good.
that lamp would be super cute in syd's room.
hmm, ava totally needs a new outfit.
and sure, mitchell, pick something from the dollar section.
and choose something for your big sister, too.
and ooooo...that maxi dress is cute.
man, i could really use a new swimsuit}.

what is happening??? 
must. leave. now.

03 :: this perfect spring weather.

{can we just keep it like this all summer long?}

04 :: these two crack-ups.

{the stuff they say to each other when they don't think i'm listening...is priceless.
please, just let them stay little a while longer}

05 :: a birthday.

{it's my mom's special day! 
what a talented lady she is.
she's taught me everything i know...
including how to make jam!
i am truly grateful for her incredible example.
i love you, mom...happy, happy birthday to you!}

what's making you happy today?


lynette said...

what's making me happy (and incredibly jealous) is that top picture! holy smokes it's awesome!

berries! yum.

no homework for the rest of the school year! it's like christmas in may!

planning our family vacation.

dinner & movie this weekend with the hubs.

Hil said...

I love that your Target experience is IDENTICAL to mine. I swear that place puts a spell on everyone that enters the doors.