how many questions can a three-year-old ask in 24 hours?

just a tiny sample...

mommy, what color is your body?
why do i have a belly button?
why do god-mother's have magic wands?
what color panties does grant wear?
what's taylor's mommy's name?
what color is her hair?
why do princesses wear dresses?
what's your favorite color?
do you love snow white?
where does gavin live?
what's his brother's name?
(while pointing to walmart) is that mexico? (she said it, not me)

syd: where are we going mommy?
me: costco
syd: why?
me: to get groceries
syd: why?
me: so we can eat
syd: why?
me: so our tummies can be full and happy
syd: why?

you can clearly see where this is going...the girls camp song: "this is the song that never ends - it just goes on and on my friends...." comes to mind. i read somewhere that intense curiosity is a sign of intelligence...i'll try to remember that!


Steph said...

So cute and funny! mexico, huh.... :)

The Venutis said...

I am definitely in that boat too. I can never satisfy Bridgers curiosity...he just asks why and why again.

Jessica Washburn said...


What's up? I haven't seen you forever! Your daughter is SO cute, I know the feeling of kid's that never stop talking. I love checking in to your blog now and then. I found it on Kerrian's. Hope you are well talk to you soon. My blog is kimballandjessica.blogspot.com
Laters, Jessica Pierson Washburn

Angee & Jayden Leishman said...

So cute! Kaylee does the exact same thing.

lynette said...

hey--i like mexico (wal-mart) but i live in latin america so maybe it just feels like home (hahahaha)!

she's very precocious!

The DeMarcus Family said...

so cute! I feel for ya.. wait till the other one does the same thing and you have both talking nonstop. Hee hee. I finally have started saying," I don't know why.. ask your dad.." because I really don't know half the time! LOL

Kehl Family said...

So funny. I swear you will miss that someday! Just keep reminded yourself that


Mandy said...

This is all too familiar! I hear "why" hundreds of times a day and Evan is always wanting to know everybody's name. Love the picture. Sydney is such a diva!