i've never had any desire to be famous.

i don't think i could handle it...you know, with the lack of privacy and all.

however, i would have no trouble whatsoever adjusting to the perks of being rich and famous!

i've been struggling a bit lately with carpool schedules and remembering the appointments i've made. {which, is really quite uncharacteristic}.

like tonight when i went to my hair appointment and the receptionist politely told me that my appointment was tomorrow night.  nice.

i mean, what i wouldn't give to have a full-time housekeeper, personal assistant, chauffeur, nanny, personal trainer and chef. 

then again, i'd have no more excuses as to why stuff didn't get done. 

what's a girl to do?

hmmm...maybe turning off the computer and putting in a load of laundry might be a good place to start!


The Venutis said...

I agree, no thank you to rich and famous, but would love to have a chef, personal trainer, and a few other perks. We can dream right?

Whitney said...

I sometimes joke that I need a wife who cooks, cleans, carpools, etc.... How's your business going? I'm not sure if I ever sent you my email: wfassio@yahoo.com

ALI said...

I hear ya. I can't remember where I am, where I should be, and what I'm supposed to be doing most of the time.