a consumer request.

dear mr. clean,

first off, let me thank you for creating those little rectangular miracles otherwise known as the magic eraser. they have saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

however, you see, i have a two year old boy. i am aware that you make two versions of the magic eraser: original strength and extra strength. but, i am writing to request a third version you may consider calling "toddler boy strength".

just this morning i blew through three of your "extra strength" erasers while scrubbing blue dry erase marker off the white bead board in my daughter's room. oh, and since you're the cleaning expert..any suggestions for getting the afore mentioned dry erase marker off my daughter's bedding?

as your most loyal customer, i thank you in advance for your consideration of my new product request.

and just one final question...what's up with that cloudy film the magic erasers leave behind?

it's kinda weird.


jill mortensen


Steph said...


Diane N. said...

Oh no.....little stinker! Good thing he's so cute...
About magic erasers...check this out.
The cloudy film is most likely a slight scratching :(
As for the bedding, you will have to use a solvent (Goof-off? Simple Green? Fels Naptha?) to get it off and then wash it gently in cold H2O at the laundromat in the huge washer. FUN!
Give him a kiss from Gram :)

The DeMarcus Family said...

That is so funny we ust talked about that! At least it wasn't a Sharpie! and you can seriously tell on my walls where I have used the magic eraser :( I guess it is better than crayon marks!

Jill said...

mom, thanks for the suggestions: no dice any of the solvents on the mattress pad or fitted sheet, but the fels naptha did work on her bedspread which is obviously one i cared about most!

btw: those stupid markers are history. i put them on the very TOP shelf of sydney's closet!