bring it on.

this morning when i turned my calendar to september i couldn't help but get completely and totally giddy about the impending arrival of my most favorite season. ever.


now, that being said...i live in a climate where what most people would typically classify as fall-like-weather doesn't normally arrive until late october, even early november. regardless, i can barely contain my excitement for some of the things i look forward to most about fall.

the smell of leaves burning, college football {go utes}, cool crisp evenings and the golden hue of the sunlight.

which brings me to my next point...i want so badly to put away my flip-flops, shorts and summer clothes in general and break out my tall suede boots, sexy jeans and fun jackets. ahhh, the mere thought just makes me happy.

so, buh-bye summer....hello fall.

i can't wait for you to get here!

oh, i almost forgot about my annual five pound weight gain courtesy of these little nuggets from heaven.

so please, i beg of you...if you're any kind of friend at all, you'll help me stay far away from these bad boys.


koodeker said...

same i love fall. i just wish there was more of one in slc. it seems like before you know it there is snow on the ground.

Kehl Family said...

first off...have you always had these amazing fabulous writing skills? Those DNA genetics passed right over me unfortunately. You're to funny (so I am...hee hee) but not on paper. Just wanted to say that I agree with your loving fall spoof. It is my favorite for all the same reasons + it's my birthday! I always think of fall when we walked to the U of U game with Marc talking about being hot and full or cold and hungry. I have never laughed so hard.
Love Ya,

Steph said...

i randomly bought new hangers at costco today. the velvety smoothness called to me. and the thought of all matching hangers makes my heart beat fast...

so i reorganized my closets today and tried on every single sweater...SO EXCITED.

can't wait to put away my shorts and put on my cute jeans that finally FIT :)

ps. i agree with kelley...your writing is fab!

Elise said...

Just bought me a bag of those today... already ate one last week. Ahhhhhh!

Petit Elefant said...

halloween candy? BRING IT. i end up gaining about 10 lbs.+ per holiday season, starting with halloween. what? that's not so bad.