hello august.

what a fantastic weekend we spent with family and friends.

the kids stayed cool by playing in the water and eating otter pops with g+g.

meanwhile, marc and i headed up to park city for a wonderfully cool weekend getaway.

it was heavenly.

the sites, the smells, the sounds....

we enjoyed live music, the arts festival, a tuna pita sandwich + steak fries at redrock {yum} and a relaxing dip in the hot tub. i even got to put on a cardigan once the sun went down...{hooray for cooler weather}!

then, the next morning...brunch at loco lizard. hands-down the best breakfast burritos in existence. mmmm.

thanks m+d for tending the troops while we got away.

oh, and i almost forgot...the icing on the cake that was our weekend.

i got to meet up with a bunch of my best girl friends for lunch. oh, how i loved catching up and laughing our guts out about the past. gosh, we were crazy back then!

love you cute girls.

good times.


Seneca said...

I love ya Jill! You are so darling! It was so great to chat with you. My best times in life when I was little were being with you and doing all the funny things we did. I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Friends forever and ever!!! Love ya!

Heidi and Judd said...

Wish we could see you every weekend! Good times!