go take a hike.

have you noticed the recurring theme of my last few posts?

give up?

it's my need to escape the heat and head for higher ground.

yesterday i felt the need.

so, i packed a highly-nutritious lunch of pb+honey sandwiches, nacho cheese doritos, dum-dum suckers and bottled water {i know. impressive right? you can just call me martha if you want}.

destination: pine valley mountain.

the drive was scenic.

the kids behaved splendidly {for a change}.

and the temperature was an ever so pleasant 84 degrees.

sydney picked out the perfect campground for our picnic and after lunch the kids just wandered. and loved it.

it was a good day.


Diane N. said...

Oh such fun! What a good mom you are....they will always remember the fun they had!

Roberts Fam said...

that sounds fabulous!!!

The Venutis said...

Love the mountains! Thank goodness we have pine valley nearby. It is a nice little escape.