after attending an enrichment activity this evening which consisted of tying quilts for those in need, it made me realize just how many domestic skills i'm lacking.

as i sat there staring blankly at the red yarn looped through a rather large needle that was handed to me, i began sensing people could tell that i didn't have the slightest clue what to do with it. thankfully, a friend walked me through making my very first quilt tie which really isn't that hard.

however, i couldn't help but think.....why would you take a perfectly good piece of fabric, cut it into a million tiny pieces, then sew it all back together, hook it to a giant wooden frame and then spend HOURS tying a bunch of yarn into knots when you can go to the store and just buy a freakin' blanket!

and since we're on the subject...i might as well admit my additional {and frightening} lack of knowledge in the following areas:

i've never canned anything....really, not one thing.
i take stuff to a tailor for even the smallest repair.
i don't own a wheat grinder.
or wheat.
i've never worn an apron.
i've never made jam.
knitting? nope.
crocheting? uh, i'm not even sure how to spell it.
my idea of homemade brownies come from a box...but i do add the oil, water and the egg if that counts for anything.
gardening baffles me.
and when people start talking about fabric, bolts, yards and batting...all i hear is "wah-wah-wah" {think charlie browns' mom}

so basically, if the end of the world comes anytime soon...

i'm hosed.

but, i could design the announcements for it...and they'd be really cute!


Melanie said...

Lol! That's too funny Jill, I went through your list and realized I have never done any of those things either, at least you have the cute announcements going for you...I have nothing!

koodeker said...

Jill...you're killing me! I have done almost all of the above. And I don't even consider myself domestic, lol. Hope ur well :)

The DeMarcus Family said...

yeah, last night I walked in.. and walked out! LOL
I thought there was just going to be a bunch of pieces to tie.. I didn't know needles would be involved, and I thought they would give a lesson or something!
I thought having me help would be more of a hinderance. :)
I am right there with you, except I couldn't make cute announcments!

Steph said...

LOL! I love you Jill!!!

Val said...

Jill, you're the best! I love this post! I can totally relate, except for the design thing. I don't know how to do that either...help me?

Elise said...

LOL. News for ya... I NEVER DID ANY of that until about 2 years ago either. Guess that's what many husbandless nights will do for ya ☺
Still don't do wheat (although we have some in food storage. I'm hoping that I can barter it... or use someone else's wheat grinder and wheat cooking skills! : )
The jam is easy. Chris did it with me a few nights ago and I was thinking... why haven't I done this before.

You may not currently have some of these skills... but if creativity has anything to do with it, YOU MY FRIEND HAVE THAT COMING OUT YOUR YING YANG!