this is me....at 33.


a marvelous day to be born.

especially to such incredible and loving parents...

mom: thank you for teaching me self-confidence, leadership, responsibility and compassion.

dad: thank you for teaching me that being genuinely kind, sincere and generous will get you everywhere in life.

your loving guidance and examples have made me who i am today, and i'm so proud to be your kid.

i'm not sure what i did to deserve to live such a wonderfully charmed life...but i cherish each and every day i get to spend surrounded by amazing and inspirational friends and family members.

thank you for making me feel so special and loved today.


p.s. those new-ish smile lines around my eyes are strangely starting to growing on me...i view them as souvenirs since i've spent the majority of my life smiling!!!

lucky me.


lynette said...

happy birthday friend! i hope you have a wonderfully special day!

Natalie said...

Hope your birthday was great! Pretty picture too!!

Roberts Fam said...

You look Fab! Hope it was a great day! Love ya

Elise said...

I'm growing attached to my 'lines' as my kids call them too! Glad you're on the globe girl!