today i...

nearly blew up the house {and myself} trying to light the burner on my gas range.


had one of my most impressive wipe-outs riding down snow canyon {full blast} on my mountain bike.

i let a few choice words fly.

and yet somehow i managed to escape this ever-so-graceful day with only a few singed arm-hairs, a sideways bike seat and some road rash.

not my best work.

hopefully tomorrow will be a bit less hazardous.

***a quick footnote***

while making dinner tonight and cautiously lighting the same burner that tried to kill me yesterday, i was telling marc about what had happened the day before. what i didn't notice was sydney listening intently to the dramatic account. and then with those big eyes of hers wide open she said, " woah mom, did it scare out all your crap?"


The Venutis said...

Wow...sorry about your day : ) Glad you are okay.

Natalie said...

Glad you survived. You have to at least make it to your birthday, right?

Seneca said...

HAHAHHAHAHAH...Sydney is the funniest thing! That made my day!